Jim Ivey’s Photo Album, Part Three

More from Jim Ivey’s photo album:

Mrs. Bill Crooks and Mrs. Leslie Turner abandoned at the Cartoon Museum in 1968. Off commiserating in the corner are Jim, Frank King, Dick Moores, Les Turner and the ladies’ husbands.

Jim Ivey has an audience with one of his idols, Rube Goldberg (the dapper gent in the center) in 1961. Also basking in the Goldberg presence are Tack Knight and Bert Whitman. Bert is the fellow on the right, who need never worry about anyone making fun of his plaid jacket.

Jim on his last day at the Washington Star, 1953. He’s off to St. Petersburg to become editorial cartoonist of the Times.

Ralph Dunagin has a very unexpected fan encounter at Orlandocon 1977 — the kid in the Spider-man shirt has brought a selection of Dunagin’s People cartoons for him to autograph. Edmund Good, right, wonders where the Scorchy Smith fans are all hiding.

Jim Ivey’s buddy from his San Francisco days, the excellent cartoonist and art collector John Coulthard. Behind John you can see a small sampling of the treasure trove of originals he owned.

Jim Ivey is interviewed on television in 1975. The wonders of pancake make-up…

Finnish cartoonist Kari Suomalanien visits Jim in San Francisco in 1960. Looks to me like Kari may be sending a subtle signal that he’s not fond of his caricature. Note his left hand.

Harvey Kurtzman gets first shot at a jam mural created at Orlandocon 1975.

Roy Crane makes a book-signing appearance at the grand reopening of the Cartoon Museum in 1974 (it moved from Madeira Beach to the Crealde Art Center in Winter Park). Crane is making some time with a gorgerous babe until…

…the lady sees Jim’s sonic boom of a jacket and the mood is ruined.

Jim Ivey when he joined the Orlando Sentinel in 1970, trying to think up Orlando editorial cartoon ideas before Disney arrived and made it easy.

2 comments on “Jim Ivey’s Photo Album, Part Three

  1. It’s all Jim Ivey’s fault I tell ya. About 30 years ago I got his Wash Tubbs book, ever since I have been a sincere believer the Roy Crane’s Captain Easy is the best adventure strip ever! No, I cannot be dissuaded; and it’s all Jim Ivey’s doing!

  2. These are absolutely terrific Allan —many thanks for posting them. I especially appreciate those that have pertained to caricature, caricaturists —an art form of foremost interest not only to Jim but myself as well.

    Hope you’ll be sharing more…..

    Side note: Jim & i both worked at the old S.F. Examiner, albeit 25 years or so apart.
    It was there (while on staff as an illustrator) that i first discovered his work, the impact of which lead to many an hour (& on the Examiner’s dime naturally 😉 ) down in the paper’s archives making copious copies of his caricatures & political cartoons so that i could develop a nice collection of them to admire & learn from…..

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