Jim Ivey’s Photo Album, Part Five

One last look at Jim Ivey’s photo album today. If you’d like to see a great selection of Jim’s cartoons you are in luck. Robin Snyder’s magazine “The Comics – The Original First Person History” starts publishing a retrospective of Jim Ivey’s cartoons in the current issue, with the cartoons personally chosen by Ivey along with his commentary. You can subscribe to “The Comics”, which apparently does not have a website, by sending $28 ($35 foreign) for a 12-issue subscription to:

Robin Snyder
3745 Canterbury Ln #81
Bellingham WA 98225-1186

To be safe you might mention that you wish to start your sub with the first Ivey issue, but it is the current issue as this is written. And Snyder’s publication is well worth the small price, as it features all sorts of really interesting material from all genres and phases of cartooning history. Highly recommended.

Jim Ivey throws a birthday party for Frank King in 1968. Unfortunately invisible in this photo is that the cake is decorated with an image of Skeezix. Frank wonders which one of his assistants is responsible for the bad likeness.
Cartoonist Dick Hodgins Sr., who was for awhile assistant curator of the Cartoon Museum, at the grand re-opening in 1974. Dick is apologizing for only wearing the tie from his Cartoon Museum uniform.
Jim Ivey’s luxurious art studio at the San Francisco Examiner, 1965.
Jim Ivey decorates a Sunset Beach bar with caricatures in 1954. Anything for free drinks.
The Cartoon Museum’s Bull Plaza location being shut down in 1981. The Museum would reopen in south Orlando at Weatherford Square.
C.C. Beck enjoying libations at the open bar at Orlandocon 1979. And you thought the cartoonists flocked to O’Con for the panel discussions.
Fred Lasswell is asked to accept Dik Browne’s Ignatz Award at Orlandocon when Dik couldn’t make it. Fred just happens to have this costume with him.
A cartoonist get-together at the San Francisco Press Club in 1964. Top row, John Holm, Gus Arriola, Lee Holley, Frank O’Neal, unknown, Darrell McClure. Second row, Jim Ivey, unknown, unknown, Bob Barnes, unknown, Jimmy Hatlo. In front Tack Knight.

The king in his castle, 1976.

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