News of Yore: Paul Terry on Animation

Here’s an interesting Paul Terry article on animation decorated with delightful cartoons. This was printed in a 1925 issue of Cartoons and Movies magazine. Usually I do the OCR thing on such articles so that you can read them more easily (and feel like I’m earning my keep), but the decorations on the article were so nice that I wanted to print it just as it appeared then. To see each page of the article at a good readable size just click on each image.

2 comments on “News of Yore: Paul Terry on Animation

  1. Love your site and since I am an animation fan, I also love it when the world of comic strips and animation collide so thanks for reprinting this article. I hope in the future you might consider spotlighting some examples of Frank Tashlin’s VAN BORING strip. (I have an ad somewhere where the L.A. Times offered a stuffed doll of Van Boring as part of a promotion.) I have seen some examples in Tashlin’s book on cartooning but that is it. I also have just finished doing some research on Walt Disney and DeMolay and apparently in the early 1930s Walt had a special Mickey Mouse comic strip done that appeared in the DeMolay newsletters. Here is a link to three samples: but maybe you can find some that we can read! Again, great job.

  2. Hi Jim –
    Van Boring will definitely be covered on the blog one of these days. I recall seeing one of those dolls being offered on eBay. Seems amazing that a commercially unsuccessful strip as that got the treatment of a merchandise tie-in, but then it was an LA Times Syndicate strip at a time when they weren’t really doing that sort of thing, so I guess they put on a big push.


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