Obscurity of the Day: Prince Domino and Muffles

Here’s one that wouldn’t really qualify as a comic strip so much as an illustrated children’s story. Seymour Eaton did a number of series of this type, most famously several featuring the Roosevelt Bears. Prince Domino and Muffles is the last newspaper series that I know of by Eaton; it ran from January 9 through May 1 1910. None of his series bear syndicate stamps, so I must assume that he was self-syndicating them or that his book publisher handled distribution. You’ll find a short bio of Eaton here, and one focusing on his interesting entrepreuneurial life here.

Charles H. Twelvetrees was a well-known artist of the time, famous mostly for his illustrations of children. He is perhaps best known today among postcard collectors, who collect his voluminous work in this genre.

Sorry if the text is illegible on this scan. I do scan them big enough to read, but sometimes Blogger resizes my larger images.

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