Obscurity of the Day: Bashful Bob

Here’s a strip that came and went, well, like a whizzer. Bashful Bob (aka Schooldays of Bashful Bob) ran from May 31 to June 28 1908 in the Philadelphia North American syndicated Sunday comic section.

The strip was by a fellow who signed himself P.S. Tyre. I don’t know that you could call him a good cartoonist, but he certainly did have a style about him. I really like how he labels the wind in this strip. Not so crazy about the way he couldn’t seem to fit his dialogue in the word balloons. This is the only series I know of by Tyre. I might think it was a pseudonym, but the signature is way too studied to be just a nom de plume — no one would put that much design thought into being anonymous, right?

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  1. From archinform.net:
    * July 14, 1881 Wilmington
    † August 1937, 25 Philadelphia (at his home)
    American architect and painter.
    Tyre studied under Anshutz and Poore at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He was a member of the Union League, Philadelphia Art Club, American Federation of Arts, Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and an associate member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

    From me: Apparently more known as an architect than a painter.

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