Jim Ivey’s Photo Album, Part Two

More photos from Jim’s scrapbook:

A 1948 party of the Washington Star editorial art department staff. From left to right, Jim Ivey, Del Truitt, Zang Auerbach, ‘Pappy’, Bill Perkins, unknown, unknown. A wild night of debauchery did not ensue…

At the 1974 Orlandocon Jim Ivey auctions off a C.C. Beck Captain Marvel original. Roy Crane has entered an opening bid and attempts to stare down anyone bidding against him.

At the 1967 grand opening party of the Cartoon Museum Jim Ivey ruins the market for his own original art by drawing caricatures of all the attendees. Swift move, Jim!

Dapper young Ivey has to erect a barricade of chairs to ward off a swarm of adoring women at the 1967 grand opening of the Cartoon Museum.

In 1968 the National Cartoonist Society sends a delegation of members to visit the Cartoon Museum. From left to right, Ivey, Ray Helle, Les Turner, Mel Graff, Dick Hodgins Jr. The Cartoon Museum squeeks by on the inspection, gets written up for improperly stored meat, dirty oil in the fryers.

The San Francisco Museum of Art stages an exhibit of international editorial cartoons with material put together by Jim Ivey in 1962. Attendence seems to be less than overwhelming.

Caricaturist ‘Pancho’ (squatting) presents sketches to a group of syndicated cartoonists at the San Francisco Press Club in 1960. Standing, from left to right, are Jim Ivey, Al “Priscilla’s Pop” Vermeer, Jimmy “They’ll Do It Every Time” Hatlo, George “Grin and Bear It” Lichty, Charles “Peanuts” Schulz, Frank “Short Ribs” O’Neal, Bob “The Better Half” Barnes. Every one of the standing cartoonists is thinking, “I coulda done better than that.”

Curator of the Cartoon Museum hard at work, circa 1975. Yes, his cash register really was an old cigar box.

French political cartoonist Tim visits Ivey in San Francisco in 1962. The pair shoot a TV pilot about two gritty, hard-bitten caricaturists on the mean streets of Frisco.

Fred Lasswell presents Ivey with the National Cartoonist Society Silver T-Square Award. Ivey supplies his own captions for the dignified ceremony.

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  1. I was unaware of the amazing history of Jim’s store. I’d only visited during the tail end of its existence. I had no idea it was born the same year as me and had seen so many illustrious visitors.

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