Back Again…

I got back from my travels on December 25th, made the Christmas post below, had a lovely Christmas dinner with my family, and promptly got about the nastiest dose of food poisoning I’ve ever encountered. Three days later I am now finally mobile (barely) and continent. Yeah, I know, more information than you really wanted.

Anyway, no new post today, just wanted to apologize to all who have sent emails in the last week or so, or otherwise have outstanding business with me, that I haven’t been ignoring you by choice but by necessity. I’ll try to get back on track here in the next few days as my strength starts to return.

One comment on “Back Again…

  1. Good to see you back.

    Allen, just a question. In your list of comic-strips, do you list comics that only runs in alternative newsweeklies? Comics like “This Modern World,” “Tom the Dancing Bug,” and “Maakies.”

    Just curious

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