Obscurity of the Day: The City Fairies

Here’s a sample from one of the many continuing features that ran on the back page of the Minneapolis Journal‘s children’s section. The Journal initially used this section as a substitute for a Sunday comics section, and it was popular enough that it continued running long after a proper Sunday comics section was finally added to the paper in the late oughts.

The City Fairies series ran July 17 through October 2 1910, with dreadful poetry by Constance Wright accompanying delightful drawings by Tom Foley. This series was the only time that Wright contributed to the page, whereas Tom Foley was the artist on many of their series over the years.

I had to replace the original typefont on the page because for some reason they used a really tiny point size, much too small to have any chance of legibility at screen resolution – sorry but my replacement is not all that much better at low resolution.

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