Obscurity of the Day: Love, Love, Love

Among the first features to be syndicated by the new Universal Press Syndicate was this little filler panel titled Love, Love, Love. It was credited to Chuck and Gwen Bowen. The subject matter tended toward the sort of gag that would be right at home on a greeting card – a lukewarm laugh stirred in with a sizeable measure of maudlin sentiment.

The panel started sometime in 1970 and didn’t make a hit with editors (as its now defunct entry on my mystery strip list attests) . In 1972, with the phenomenal success of the vaguely similar Love Is… making syndicate editors drool with envy, Universal renamed the panel to It’s Love, about as close as they could come to the hit title without getting sued. The change, however, was to no avail and the panel was cancelled in 1973.

Can anyone supply specific start and end dates?

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