Obscurities of the Day: Specs and Shaggy

Two obscurities for the price of none today — two more of the New York Herald-Tribune‘s Sunday filler strips. These two were executed by cartoonists who chose to by somewhat anonymous.

Specs, credited to R. Gustafson, ran 5/12/46 – 5/25/47, not every week of course because it was a filler. This could, I suppose, be Bob Gustafson, but I assume he had his hands full at the time assisting/ghosting Tillie the Toiler for Russ Westover.

Shaggy ran intermittently 10/7/45 – 7/11/48. It was credited only to ‘Gould’. I think I’m safe in guessing that neither Chester nor Will were involved.

2 comments on “Obscurities of the Day: Specs and Shaggy

  1. Fair ’nuff, Ger, but I can’t see ol’ Chet moonlighting to the NYHT for the pittance they would have paid for these strips.

    That would be like Donald Trump trying to make a few extra bucks on a stupid reality TV series. Oh, wait…


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