Happy Anniversary to Me!

Airhead that I am, it took DD Degg to remind me that I have been doing this blog for a year now. My inaugural post was on October 5 2005, so I’ve already overshot the mark by a bit.

The blog has been a lot of work, but it has been more than repaid by your comments, criticisms and information submissions. Your participation is the main reason I do the blog – I love to hear what you folks have to say – both fellow researchers and fans, and the occasional ‘outsider’ who chances across the site (like the relative of Clare Briggs who just contacted me with a lovely note yesterday).

It has also been a wonderful little daily break from what has been a long, hard year for me personally and professionally. Sometimes the hour a day I spend scanning and writing up blog entries may have been the only thing keeping me from going bonkers.

So here’s to another year of miscellaneous ramblings through the dusty corridors of comic strip history. I hope you’ll come along for the ride, and be sure to tell a friend or two. The more the merrier! And to celebrate the anniversary I hereby grant myself a day off. See you on Thursday!

8 comments on “Happy Anniversary to Me!

  1. That’s quite a coincedence. I started the Daily Cartoonist on the same day last year. I didn’t find your blog until April of this year (or at least that’s when I first mentioned it on my blog).

    Congratulations! And here’s to another great year.

  2. I guess the only thing for you to do now, Allan, is give us a complete index of every proper noun that has appeared in you blog for the past year and when it appeared.

  3. Alan, that is pretty wild that we started on the same day. Great minds think alike…?

    I love your Daily Cartoonist blog and check in often. I don’t envy you the amount of work it must take to keep it updated every day. Makes me seem like a real piker!

    As to DD’s suggestion that the site be indexed, Blogger does this automatically. There’s a search option in the blogger bar at the top of the page.


  4. Hi, Allan.

    Please hang in there. This page is a must go to destination for me every day. I have very little to comment about on the earlier stuff, but it is interesting and educational.

    And if I may suggest a subject: I recently came across a couple of sundays for Bob Powell’s Teena-a-go-go, a misguided, but nicely drawn feature for Bell-McClure in 1966. I would like to know more about it. Was there a daily version and does anyone have the dates it ran? What’s also interesting (Michael Gilbert pointed it out to me) is that it was produced during Will Eisner’s tenure at Bell-McClure. He has always stated that he had little succes with developing comic strips and mostly dealt with the columnists, but Bob Powell was his old studio mate…! Was he hiding a disappointment? And what other strips did Bell-McClure start in 1966? Are there more surprises hidden there?

  5. Re Teena A Go-Go, a daily supposedly started in June 1966, the Sunday on August 14 1966 (I haven’t seen a daily). It seems doubtful that either made it to 1967. The Sunday ran in the Houston Post, and one of these days I’ll order the film to see how long it ran there.

    What dates are your Sundays, Ger? And from what paper?


  6. My dates are from november and december 1966, so that would fit. Michael T. Gilbert (who is as much into Powell as I am) didn’t know of the feauture, but did have a comic book or magazine reproduction of it, which he thought was the original. At the end of that year Powell fell ill and the strip was abandoned. My copies are from a different paper (which I haven’t got with me right now) and I have already looked up a library that has it, to order the film. That’s why I needed the dates. The daily will be especially interesting. I am also curious to see how they adjusted to Powell’s death. I have a july issue from that same sunday by the way, which doesn’t have Teena yet. I can send copies of my four sundays, if you like. How big is your mailbox?

  7. Hi Ger –
    Re Teena, you say you have a July Sunday that “doesn’t have Teena yet.” But it’s called Teena A Go-Go?? I’d certainly like to see that Sunday!

    Also, you and E&P say it was syndicated by Bell-McClure. My Sundays are copyrighted to something called Publication House. Mean anything to you?

    — Allan

  8. Allan,

    Michael T. has a strip Powell did for the magazine Teen Life in februari 1966 in a similar style. I googled Publication House and found a copyright notice indicating it was also the publisher of TV Picture Life. So maybe they owned Teen Life as well? In which case they may have been the one to set up the whole teen comic strip thing with Bell-McClure.

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