Obscurity of the Day: Mr. Always Wright

Here’s another of the strips that ran in the New York (Morning) World (on which I refer you to my comments in yesterday’s post). This one may really be the last continuing comic strip to appear there, at least in the mid-teens. Gene Carr’s The Sayings and Doings of Mr. Always Wright ran February 12 through March 13 1914. I’ve indexed the World through August of that year, and there are no more strips to be found in that timeframe.

One comment on “Obscurity of the Day: Mr. Always Wright

  1. I have a fairly heavy weight embossed cardboard (template?) Joe Gish comic illustration by Terry Gilkison (Publishers Autocaster Service)
    In pencil on the back appears to be 71/100….and I am assuming a quantity of 100 were created and I have #71

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