Buck O’Rue, Part 1

Time to take a breather from the E&P material. I made a promise awhile back to some Paul Murry fans that I’d run a sequence of Buck O’Rue dailies. Frankly I think the writing on the strip is awful, so I could do without, but Murry’s art, if you are a fan, is certainly up to his usual standard.

This short sequence of 13 strips concerns “Oaf Monday”, a fine example of bad comic strip writing. Don’t confuse your readers by stating that your hero is struggling through a Monday when they’re reading the strips throughout the week. It jars the reader out of the story, and it’s not necessary – why not call it Oaf Day? Problem solved.

Worse yet, the preceding two weeks to this sequence have Buck off-stage the entire time (hiding from a lonely-hearts club). Not a good idea to hide your main character that long on a strip that’s just six months old.

Rest of the sequence to be posted tomorrow. Oh, and sorry about the image quality. The paper these are from did a pretty bad job of hacking the strip edges. They also failed to clean their presses regularly and some strips were impossible to clean up through the haze of ink smudges.

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