Obscurity of the Day: Chilly Cholly’s Ice Cream Dream

Here’s another J.F. Hart production from the Philadelphia Record, titled Chilly Cholly’s Ice Cream Dream. This one is a pretty blatant rip-off of the Little Nemo plot, even down to the archetypical final panel. The art on this one may look rushed, but the real problem was that this strip was printed very tiny in the Record. The size you’re seeing it on the screen (before clicking on the image to enlarge it) is already larger than it ran in the paper. Cholly’s chills apparently weren’t good for his health, because he went to sleep permanently after just six episodes (10/29 – 12/3/1911).

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  1. I have a drawing of my grandfather as a child eating cantelope that is signed j.f.hart. 01'. Would like to know more about this artist. I believe he was related.

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