Obscurity of the Day: Noogie Elementary

Chattanooga Times editorial cartoonist Bruce Plante tried his hand at the comic strip genre in the 90s with a strip produced for that paper. Noogie Elementary ran approximately September 1991 to February 1996.

I found a clip of this strip in a pile of miscellany recently. I knew nothing about it, so I sent an email to Plante asking him if he could give me some information on the strip. He responded with the dates given above. I’ve bemoaned the lack of interest that most cartoonists have in supplying details about their defunct strips here before, so I was pleased as punch that he took the time to respond. Unfortunately, I think he responded mostly because he misunderstood my interest in the strip. He seemed to think that I might be a syndicate or publisher’s rep, and that perhaps I had an interest in reviving or reprinting the strip.

I really did nothing to encourage that misunderstanding, but it has me thinking that I may have to try that ruse (intentionally) in the future!

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  1. On a recent trip back home to Chattanooga I found a comics page from January 1994 among paper packing in boxes in our family attic. "Noogie Elementary" was new to me, too, and it received prime placement at the center top of the comics page, above "Peanuts." I figured the title meant it was a local effort. A quick Internet search led me to this website — and confirmation. Thanks for the additional info!

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