Huge Book Sale for Blog Readers Only!

I have been an ABE bookseller for a long while, and my sales there have been consistently good but a mite slow for my pecuniary needs these days; those hospital bills are monsters! So, in my first round of trying to raise cash I’m making a special offer to you blog readers. My ABE prices are already quite low, but I’ve taken all my inventory off there and I’m offering everything to you at 50% off my ABE prices (in many cases, less than I paid). To see the list of over 1000 titles follow this link.

My specialties on ABE are newspaper bound volumes, sci-fi pulps, vintage fiction and lots of miscellaneous good non-fiction. You’ll find some books related to cartooning as well, but they were never my focus on ABE. The list, I’m sorry to say, is unsorted (well, it’s sorted by title) but hopefully that will make the hunt that much more fun.

Note that the prices you’ll see on the books are the ABE prices. When you order everything will be 50% off. My shipping rates and payment options are listed at the top of the sales list. If you have any questions or want to place an order you’ll find all my contact information there.

Happy hunting! Once again, click on this link!

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