1903 Chicago Chronicle Comics; Part IV

Here’s the last of the Chronicle comics (at least until I see more microfilm). We have another Lederer offering, titled Maudie’s Beau (the careless typesetter notwithstanding), plus an episode of The Tweedledum Triplets by none other than William F. Marriner. The appearance of Marriner was the big surprise for me since I’ve not seen any of his work running in Chicago before. Looking over his other credits, though, it does seem possible that he left the New York Hearst camp for awhile in 1903 (this is where he worked before and after this tangent in 1903). How he ended up in Chicago working for the Chronicle is anyone’s guess.

I forgot to mention yesterday that those two strips ran in all three dates I’ve been able to see (2/1, 3/15, 3/22) as did the two for today.

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