Dem Boys Revisited and ILL Woes

Here I go to all the trouble to weave a proof that would satisfy Kant and Wittgenstein, an argument so bulletproof that not even Plato would stand a chance in a debate, and here comes that Castelli fellow with this ever so inconvenient item shown above. Some people just caan’t leave well enough alone.

So here’s the deal. Alfredo sends this scan, which shows Dem Boys running in February 1915, and thus not only demolishes the whole argument that the strip started in November 1915 or later, but also may call into question the idea that they took over the space previously occupied by Anna Belle and Duke. Alfredo, do you have the whole section? What else is in there?

Thankfully, Alfredo’s tearsheet includes a masthead, and even better, the Cleveland Leader is a paper that I should be able to obtain through inter-library loan. However, I am currently hobbled in my microfilm activities. The dear sainted Rita who handled my voluminous ILL requests at the Leesburg Public Library has left their employ (quit to raise a family without even getting my assent!). The person who has temporarily taken over her job, and who was trained in the arcane arts of ILL by Rita before she left, has made it obvious through her resolute inaction, that she has no interest in keeping me supplied with ‘film.

Supposedly the library is looking for someone to fill Rita’s post, but its now been four months since she left and nothing has happened. I fear that I may be permanently frozen out from getting my regular ILL fixes. Doubly annoying considering that I have donated most liberally to the institution over the past few years in appreciation for their services.

So Alfredo, and other blog readers, I promise to look into the Dem Boys issue as soon as I can and report my findings.

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