Can You Find the Lost Kirby Strips?

As promised a few moons ago on this blog, I have been looking for the list of newspapers given to me by Greg Theakston. These newspapers are supposed to have run Jack Kirby’s ultra-rare material for the Lincoln Features Syndicate. Though we’ve found a few papers now running Lincoln material, most of the more interesting Kirby work (like Socko The Sea Dog, Cyclone Burke and The Black Buccaneer) are still only know from proofs in the collection of Roz Kirby.

Greg Theakston got a short list of papers from Roz that are presumed to have run some of the more obscure Lincoln Features material, and he passed it along to me. I have been unable to obtain any of these newspapers on microfilm. If any of you have access to these papers I beg, chide and admonish you to index the Lincoln material (which starts around 1935):

Nassau Bulletin
Hillsdale Herald
Tripoli (IA) Leader
Cuyahoga Falls (OH) News
Darby (PA) Progress
Clifton (NJ) Leader
Newark (NJ) Issue
Putnam County (NY) News
Irvington (NJ) Herald
Clifton (NJ) Weekly
unnamed paper in Beverly Hills CA
unnamed paper in South Bend and Fort Wayne IN

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  1. Lincoln Features that appeared in 1937 are:
    Cyclone Burke
    Black Bucaneer
    Socko the Seadog
    Lefty Wright
    Dolly in Hollywood
    The Cloud Busters (protaginist is "Lance Kirby"

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