Obscurity of the Day: Skylarks

Long before Dudly Fisher used the overhead panorama gimmick as the main draw for his syndicated Right Around Home With Myrtle Sunday, Fisher did Skylarks for the Columbus Dispatch. The gimmick was the same, but the gigantic full page panels had a local flavor, showing places and events related to the Columbus area. Our sample today takes Skylarks on the road, showing the local baseball team on the field at Gulfport Mississippi.

Dudley Fisher was, along with his mentor Billy Ireland, a font of graphic delights in the Dispatch. Skylarks only ran for a short time as a regular Sunday feature (5/29/1927 – 9/30/1928). Fisher’s mainstay was another full-page Sunday feature, Jolly Jingles, which we’ll discuss some other day.

Although Skylarks ran weekly only for a bit over a year, he sometimes reprised the feature on special occasions, so you may come upon one from later than end date cited.

3 comments on “Obscurity of the Day: Skylarks

  1. This is brilliant!

    Can we have a few more when you have time?

    No other media could do this. Only comics.


  2. Hi John –
    Whaddaya think, these pages grow on trees? Hmm, guess they do, at that.

    Sorry, don’t have any others at hand right now, but I’ll make up for it with something just as good tomorrow. Howzabout an incredible full page Billy Ireland piece. In color yet.


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