Jim Ivey’s Press Barons

I was moving a bunch of files around this morning, when what pops to the top of the stack but a series of caricatures Jim Ivey drew a few years ago of some of the press barons. Neat caricatures, so I thought I’d share. I especially like the Brisbane one. He really was an old sourpuss, just as depicted. Many cartoonists who worked for him commented that he was one of the only people they’d ever met that had not even a trace of a sense of humor. It is rumored that when he had to evaluate cartoons for publication that he handed them off to his secretary who would tell him which ones were funny.
Jim Ivey, famed editorial cartoonist, cartooning historian, raconteur and bon vivant, is now an octogenarian, but still as sharp as a tack, and still producing great cartoons. He’s also a prolific, entertaining and erudite correspondent. I welcome and suggest that anyone interested in corresponding with a cartooning great, a guy who knew practically every cartoonist of note for the past sixty years, drop him a line. You’ll be glad you did. You can write to him at:

Jim Ivey
5840 Dahlia Dr #7
Orlando FL 32807

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve always wondered why no one ever tried to contact some of the surviving syndicate editors for an interview. I am particulary interested in newspaper try-outs by comic book artists in the late fifties. It was such an unsecure time and many artists felt it was their last chance at succes in the big league. Many tried out and many failed. I’d love to know the editors input about that, for instance.

  2. Spent a day and evening with Jim and a bottle of scotch 20 years ago in the Museum. Hell of a nice guy. Everyone needs to get his book on Roy Crane!

  3. Hi Allen—-although pretty much strictly into caricature, i’ve throughly been enjoying your blog this evening, particularly on the occasions when it bumps into my interests, such as this post on Ivy. I’ve collected him for many years—from his S.F. Examiner editorial cartoons, caricatures of the 60’s ( i learned about him while as a staffer there myself, albeit during the mid-’90’s & as an illustrator…) to back issues of his magazine ‘Cartoonews’.

    Thanks for posting his address (i wasn’t even sure he was still with us these days 😉 ) as I’ve long been wanting to run a name by him, a celebrity caricaturist who primarily did TV magazine/ schedule covers during the late 50’s- 70’s who signed himself ‘J.Ryan’. Never been able to conjure up anything on the fellow, including a first name. Hopefully Jim might know something….

    All the best & again thanks for providing such an important resource on the history of cartooning & comic strips….

    Yers in countenances, Zach

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