Early Caniff Rarities from the Columbus Dispatch

Here’s another batch of Milton Caniff items from his early days at the Columbus Dispatch. For more see this blog entry.

The top four are portraits (well, duh) that accompanied biographies of these gents in the Sunday Dispatch magazine section. This was only one of the many and varied illustrating jobs Caniff handled at the Dispatch.

The Escapes From The Pen comic strip (later panel) was Caniff’s longest running feature at the Dispatch. There were five discrete runs, punctuated, I gather, by him leaving the paper to get back to his school work at Ohio State University.

The five runs I have documented are:

4/10/27 – 2/26/28 : mostly weekly strip usually ran on Sundays
1/27/29 – 9/8/29 : fortnightly, then weekly (the sample is from this run)
12/23/29 – 5/22/30 : daily panel feature on comics page, Caniff’s first daily feature
7/14/30 – 12/31/30 : same
8/17/31 – 12/5/31 : same

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