Roy Powers, Eagle Scout: Week Nine

Today we start a new story letter (L), though the story continues pretty much as before. If there was supposed to be a major story arc with those guys who stranded Roy, as you’ve seen it never really developed into more than a basic robbery. Obviously our writer planned a more complex (okey, less simplistic) story there with the long build-up, but for some reason they scrapped it. I see a lot of that sort of thing with Roy Powers, slapdash storylines with lots of hanging threads and anti-climaxes. Thank goodness for that lovely art.

Blogger crapped out after uploading four images today. The other two had to be loaded offsite. This is getting real old real fast…

3 comments on “Roy Powers, Eagle Scout: Week Nine

  1. Yes, but the characters are so forth-right, upright, and earnet… in a H. Alger sort of way.

    Still lovingit.

  2. I’m seriously considering tallying up the number of times the boys say “golly”, “gosh” and similar in this 11-week sequence. Scintillating repartee…

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