Obscurity of the Day: The Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Minneapolis Tribune celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition a little late, starting this closed-end Sunday strip on January 9, 1955. Jay Edgerton supplied the prose while Kurt Carlson did the art. Carlson did a yeoman’s job on the realistic art, though his other major comic strip series, Smorgy, was done in a cartoony style. This series came to a conclusion on July 3rd of that year.

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  1. In my parent's basement hung a SMORGY comic strip about the Minneapolis summer festival, the Aquatennial, which featured my dad, John Lamb. The strip is dated 7/24, but there is no year. At the top of the strip, instead of a newspaper, it says: "The Upper Midwest's Own Comic." Do you have any suggestions as to how I might find a second original of the strip?

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