Maurice Ketten Shills for Nickel Cigars

Back from the ballgame, and no third degree burns! Skies were partly cloudy, so all I have to show for my spring training date is a rosy nose and a sore butt (man, those bleacher seats are hard). And my Rays spanked the Pirates 7-4, but the victory was a bit hollow because few of the Pirates regular starters were playing, though we did rack up 4 runs against their young phenom pitcher, Zach Duke.

Anyhow, back to important things, eh? The daily posting streak remains alive today with a quickie, cause I’m a bit shagged out this evening. So here for your viewing pleasure is a seldom seen newspaper ad by cartoonist Maurice Ketten (known in his native Italy as Prosper Fiorini). Ketten was a mainstay at the New York World from 1907 to 1934. He produced a witty daily cartoon for the World, and the cartoon was eventually syndicated under the permanent title Can You Beat It?

This *kaff* White Owl cigar ad ran in 1932, and features an excellent Ketten gag that is representative of his dry humor and his later cartooning style (earlier on his style wasn’t so scratchy and impressionistic).

And regarding the question posed in yesterday’s post, Alfredo Castelli (speaking of famous Italians) was correct about the strip that went through seven name changes, though he didn’t quite get all the titles. They are Joe’s Car, Joe Jinks, Joe Jinks Featuring Dynamite Dunn, Curly Kayoe, Curly Kayoe Featuring Buttons, Buttons, and Davy Jones. And regarding Chief Wahoo/Steve Roper, I can only vouch for six official title changes: The Great Gusto, Big Chief Wahoo, Chief Wahoo, Chief Wahoo And Steve Roper, Steve Roper, Steve Roper And Mike Nomad.

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