The Bells — Week One

Here is our new strip reprint series, an eight week or so sequence from The Bells from October to December 1949. I really enjoy this strip’s gentle good-natured humor and the warm interaction in the family. The initial sequence, about buying a mysterious item at an antique auction is a special favorite for me being as how I’m an auction junkie myself.

I know the cartoonist only as Leed – he or she never signed the strip, just took the byline. This strip only appeared in one newspaper – anyone know which one? If not, you can find out in an upcoming issue of Hogan’s Alley.

Oh, and if you want another laugh today, follow this link to a news story about the comic strip Prickly City publishing a porn website address. Good solid American enterprise at work…

One comment on “The Bells — Week One

  1. We have in the Stanley Museum archives a sequence of strips of The Bells by Leed from December 1947 – the subject involves buying a used car, a Stanley steamer, from a dealer named Mr. Darkside. I assume it is from a Boston paper – do you know which one? – Jim Merrick, Archivist, Stanley Museum

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