Obscurity of the Day: Me

Well, this has to be the most obscure item I’ve found recently. Me, by Flavia, ran in 1975 from the LA Times Syndicate. The example above is the only one I’ve ever seen (found on the reverse of a daily of Cecil C. Addle, a local strip that will make its appearance here one of these days) and if it’s indicative of the series I can see why it didn’t last long.

“Hmmm.. what a fine morning. Let’s have a glance at the funnies page. Oh, what’s this? A new comic, eh? Let’s see if it’s good ‘n funny … um …. er … *choke* … sweet mother of God, that’s the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen. Think I’ll go back to bed and cry all day.”

My guess is that LATS was so astonished by its success with Love Is that for awhile they were throwing a lot of this strange material out there to see if anything would stick.

Don’t know who this Flavia is, but there was a children’s book illustrated by one Flavia Weedn in 1970 – anyone know if they’re the same person? Does anyone know the specific running dates for the feature?

By the way, this is one of two features titled “Me” that ran in the 1970s. Guess it really was the Me Decade…

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