Schad’s Daily Strips for the Bulletin

As I discussed a few posts ago, my quest for the locally produced 1904 San Francisco Bulletin Sunday comics was in vain as the microfilmer did not bother to film the Sunday comic sections. However, the film was not a complete and total loss, because here we have examples of two locally produced dailies that ran in the Bulletin that year. The only ones in fact. Although the paper did have daily cartoons throughout the year, and by important creators at that, they were almost always used to illustrate humor and verse columns. That means they don’t qualify for Stripper’s Guide as that places them squarely in the realm of illustrations rather than comics.

Our samples today are of Miss Gushe In The Country and The Adventures Of Miss Touryste, both of which ran daily for one week apiece in April and May of 1904. They’re both by someone who signed himself Schad. Classics of comic strip humor they definitely are not.

By the way, as I mentioned, a few important creators had work regularly appearing in the Bulletin in 1904. At the beginning of the year Thomas ‘Tad’ Dorgan supplied lots of cartoons until he was called to the big leagues in New York. At the end of the year Russ Westover, of future Tillie The Toiler fame, started doing panel cartoons for the paper. Neither did a continuing strip for the paper in 1904.

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