San Francisco Bulletin Sundays – Lost?

Hello and good Monday to you! I went on a weekend research trip to the University of Florida and got a lot done. The Gainesville Sun paper filled in a few question marks in my 1930s AP syndicate material. Sadly they didn’t run the complete service so I’m still looking for a way to index the interesting but rarely used Puffy The Pig feature.

The Sun also ran Pieces Of Eight, another very hard to find strip. I was thrilled to be able to document that Burne Hogarth really did do the last two months of the strip. Leonardo de Sa had earlier told me about this but the Sun is the first paper I’ve actually seen that ran it to the bitter end (12/28/1935). Sorry I have no examples of the Hogarth material to show you – the microfilm viewer I was using had no printing capability.

On an unhappy note, I also had the opportunity to finally get in the 1904 San Fransisco Bulletin microfilm through inter-library loan. I know for a fact that they ran their own Sunday comics in 1904 because a few pages have been auctioned on eBay over the past decade. Unfortunately in both cases I got outbid by a collector who goes by gabillard-fr. Also unfortunately, the microfilm (from the California State Library) is also missing the Sunday comic sections. That means that they are now lost irretrievably to history unless by some small miracle someone has saved a file of them. Can anyone help?

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