Obscurity of the Day: O. Heeza Boob

Don’t get excited over that signature. We don’t have an undiscovered George Herriman strip here. The signature is Herrmann, and one glance at the art tells us that we’re dealing with a different fella here. O. Heeza Boob ran in the New York Evening World, and was syndicated by Press Publishing, from 9/21/1912 until 4/1/1913. Herrmann did one other strip for the World, called No Wonder! after this strip ended.

Herrmann’s only other known credit is for a strip titled Ben, which was probably syndicated by World Color Printing though I’ve never seen an example that had a copyright notice on it. The strip pre-dates Herrmann’s New York World work, first appearing in 1911, but the strip appeared, presumably in reprints for a long time.

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