News of Yore – Matrimonial Edition!

Here’s another batch of news items from the magazine The Fourth Estate. These are all marriage announcements:

WEDDING BELLS (10/7/1916)
F. W. Hopkins, a Chicago cartoonist, and Miss Eleanor Matthews of Ludington Michigan, were secretly married in Chicago last week.

Hopkins was the creator of the daily strip Scoop The Cub Reporter.

ROHN’S MOVE NEXT? (8/26/16)
Six years ago three bachelors came to New York, and in their studio on Washington Heights swore that eternal celibacy would be their state in life, and that designing females would have no place in their scheme of things; and almost six years passed without any deviation from the letter or spirit of the oath.

When the summer of 1916 rolled around, however, H.T. Webster, a cartoonist with the New York Globe, and one of the trio, met Miss Ethel Worts, a Toledo girl, and after knowing her for two weeks, promised to love, honor and obey till death did them part.

The event was being celebrated at a dinner last Sunday evening at which O. O. McIntyre, a New York correspondent, was host. About the table were Mr. and Mrs. McIntyre, the bride and groom, Ray Rohn, an artist with Judge; R. M. Brinkerhoff, an Evening Mail cartoonist, and Miss Edna Patterson.

Then Webster rejoiced, for the company was told that Mr. Brinkerhoff, the second of the three eternal bachelors, had deserted the standard, and was betrothed to Miss Patterson. The wedding will take place in the fall, and meanwhile all eyes are turned to Mr. Rohn, whose next move is anxiously awaited along Park Row.

R. M. Brinkerhoff, cartoonist of the New York Evening Mail, and Miss Edna Patterson were married on March 3 in New York and immediately sailed for Havana, Cuba, to spend their honeymoon.

When Mr. Brinkerhoff came to New York six years ago from the Middle West, he lived with H. T. Webster, artist of the New York Globe, and Ray Rohn, also a knight of the brush, and the trio formed a compact to remain bachelors. The first to break the circle was Mr. Webster, who married Miss Ethel Wortz a few months ago.

Mr. Rohn, so far as is known, intends to remain in single harness, as he threw rice and old shoes at the honeymooners when they were leaving the pier.

WEDDING BELLS (2/10/1917)
John Knott, a St. Louis newspaper artist, and his former wife, who divorced him last July, took out a marriage license in New York on February 5.

Knott was the creator of the panel cartoon Penny Ante, also known as Eddie’s Friends.

WEDDING BELLS (7/8/1916)
Sidney Joseph Greene, cartoonist on the New York Evening Telegram, and Mrs. Louise Lauder-Milch were married on July 6 in New York.

Sid Greene was sports cartoonist on the Telegram, and did a few very short-lived strips, including This Is The Life and Evening Telegram Movies.

WEDDING BELLS (3/28/1914)
Will Morgan DeBeck, a cartoonist on the Pittsburgh Gazette-Times, and Miss Marion Louise Shields of Youngstown Ohio, have announced their engagement.

WEDDING BELLS (1/17/1914)
Russell Henderson, cartoonist on the Chicago Record Herald, has been married to Miss Gladys Scott.

Henderson did an excellent daily strip for the Record-Herald titled The Adventures of Ziggy and Zim. Notice in this introductory strip that he refers to fellow Record-Herald cartoonists Ed Mack and French (whose first name I don’t know).

WEDDING BELLS (2/14/1914)
Robin Grove, a cartoonist on the St. Louis Times, and Miss Cornelia Harrison have announced their engagement.

Assuming this is the cartoonist who signed his work Roy rather than Robin, he was a journeyman cartoonist who did a number of strips for the NEA syndicate from 1918-1925. His longer running features were Bugs and The Boys In The Other Car.

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  1. Hello, I am two years late. Frank Hopkins was my grandfather. I have some of his other art in my house. I would like to find more cartoon work. He also did wood carvings of cowboys, bronze figures of golfers, engravings for golf trophies, and various whimsical items. I have a great print of two horsey women that he did.


  2. Hi Oleander —
    We’d be very much interesting in knowing more about Hopkins — he had a very interesting career working for the oddball International Syndicate. Any info you have on his work life would be especially appreciated!


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